Karl Stevens + Danny Bianchi

Twinky little Danny Bianchi isn’t exactly subtle when it comes to spying on a handsome older boy like Karl Stevens. He’s openly gawking at the young man as he rises from the pool and does a little stretching at the start of this Jawked video.

Clearly, Karl understands that the twink is seeking a little friendly fun, the obvious groping of his long dick in is sexy little shorts is a dead giveaway.

The handsome lad isn’t the kind of guy to refuse an opportunity to get his big dick sucked and within moments of arriving beside the couch he has his long and pink penis out for little Danny to worship.

He would be more than happy to just kick back and let the boy suck the cum from his meaty length, but with the tight little twink’s ass so clearly desperate for that dong he’s happy to suck and lick the boy’s penis in return, soon moving to that tight little hole for some tasty tonguing.

With the boy’s rump ready for more the handsome swimmer eases his naked inches inside, fucking Danny from behind, spooning the twink for some deeper thrusts and finishing up with an awesome ramming with the boy on his back. Karl works that hole with skill, his smooth ass pumping as his length slides in and out until their loads can no longer be held back.

The taste of Karl’s fresh semen splashing into the boy’s mouth is all he needs, his own uncut meat is splashing cream with his top pal in moments.



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