Dan Digiron

Clearly Dan works out. This big Russian hunk spends a lot of his time at the gym, either working on his own body or helping other men with theirs. You can probably imagine that this is where his supremely horny attitude comes from and we get to participate in it with him for this solo Jawked video.

He knows he looks good. He’s always getting a lot of compliments for his impressive build and when he’s in the showers after a workout there’s usually at least one other man there ready to enjoy the show. Dan would be the first to admit that he loves jacking off and he really loves being seen enjoying it, so shower jack off sessions with strangers are a big part of his workout routine.

He’d gladly do more than that, though, and we’d all gladly join in with him when he’s naked an performing, his swollen uncut muscle cock in his hands, his fat balls loaded up and being tugged and pulled, his big beefy ass being displayed like a teasing target waiting for you to come and fill him up.

Watch as he plays with himself, with absolute skill. It’s obvious that masturbation is a daily ritual for this hyper-horny man, he’s always got a workout cum load in that big pink dick and he loves having an audience while he pleasures himself and gets that cream gushing.

We’d all love to have him as a workout buddy.



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