Karl Stevens + Jamie Kelvin

We don’t how a boy like Jamie Kelvin is supposed to study when he has a step-bro like horny Karl Stevens hanging around with an ever-present offer of cock.

The fit young guy has a one-track mind, his uncut cock is always thickening up and throbbing with the need to get off. Thankfully it’s about time Jamie took a break from the books, and what better way to spend it than enjoying some Jawked fun with his bro.

The sight of that lovely stiff penis is just too much for Jamie to ignore.

He wraps his lips around the warm length and starts sucking, forgetting completely about the test coming up.

His own thicker meat is already swollen in his jeans and with Karl’s dick lovingly slurped he gets to work on returning the favor for his studious pal.

Such a delicious feast of wet young cock would be enough to have any boy ready to splooge, but these boys need a little more than some good head.

With some lapping of young Jamie’s winking pucker Karl takes aim with his meat stick, plunging his perfectly shaped spike into his buddy and fucking him raw from behind.

His books are far from his mind when Jamie lays back to enjoy some prostate-prodding thrusts from his bro, stealing control the moment his friend presents his length for the boy to impale his ass on and ride.

It’s too much for the hard-working boy. He’s denied his pleasure for too long while he studied and with his thick meat being wanked and his hole being stuffed he unleashes his fountain of semen, splashing his goo from his bulging end.

Twunk boy Karl isn’t far behind, taking aim with his own solid banana to pump his own milky goo right into cute little Jamie’s satisfied face.

The delicious cream is certainly a nice reward for all the hours he’s been buried in his books.



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