Antony Carter

Fit new arrival Antony Carter is ready to give us all a very hot solo Jawked show after his debut duo recently, and you’re going to want to kick back with your cock in your hand to stroke along with him.

The gorgeous young man is shirtless in no time, which is just how we like to see him. He’s an incredibly sporty boy who likes to eat well and stay in shape, and it clearly works well for him.

He’s wasting very little time, slipping his jeans down and reaching into his shorts to toy with his swelling uncut cock. Before we get to enjoy that we have some awesome ass play to appreciate.

His balls are hanging out and his pucker is revealed, his smooth cheeks parted for his fingers to delve inside. Clearly this boy is experienced with regard to the pleasure of some good anal fun and with his cock swelling and being rubbed in his free fist he continues to display and probe his pucker.

Watch as the boy works himself up into a frenzy, pumping his hips upward and fucking his fist, his penis wet and ready to splash semen.

If his ass play and cock enjoyment isn’t impressive enough the sight of him savoring the taste of his own milky mess is sure to have men everywhere exploding with bliss.


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