Buff young hunk Simon Best always looks great in the skimpiest of shorts, but he looks even more impressive when his cock is hard and tenting the front of them. You can bet that meaty mound instantly has the attention of his equally hunky friend Bastian Karim in this Jawked video.

Flopping down onto the couch his pouch is front and center, Bastian can’t resist giving it a little grope. It’s hard to claim it wasn’t invited, a dude can walk into a room with a cock like that throbbing and expect to go unnoticed.

Within seconds the two are swapping packages, rubbing each other eagerly, but it’s the offer of a cock sucking that really moves things along.

Bastian gets his lips around that hard dong and he seems determined to make it squirt, swallowing the hard erection deep, but thankfully they both know there’s a lot more fun to be had before the cum starts splashing.

Handsome Simon is more than happy to get a slurp of his buddy’s delicious dong, returning the oral before his buddy’s bareback jock-framed ass is sliding down on his rampant meat.

And so begins an incredible fucking, with both gym toned boys working up to a climactic semen-splashing finish that has Bastian draining his balls and taking a messy shower of spooge from his top buddy’s dick.

The best way to end it is with a taste of Simon’s creamy cock.


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