Rex Lima is the kind of fitness fanatic who knows how important it is to cool down after a good run, and lucky for him he finds the perfect young man to enjoy that with when he stops to stretch right in front of sexy Tom Connor for this Jawked encounter.

The sight of him bulging in his sexy shorts is surely enough to entice any horny young man, and you can bet Tom is adequately intrigued within moments of laying eyes on him.

After a brief moment of getting to know each other on the park bench the two are heading for some privacy in the bedroom, with Rex’s greedy lips soon wrapped around the juicy pink pole of Tom’s handsome erection.

It’s a wet and slurping session of penis pleasure and it’s clear Rex is skilled in the art of oral, but he’s not the only one. When his tanned jock cock is revealed young Tom is on it, suckling on the drooling helmet and making the handsome young man dribble pre for him to swallow.

Obviously Rex likes to end his workout sessions with a good cum load, and you can bet Tom is more than capable of helping him with that. A little fingering of his jock hole is all it takes and the handsome lad is soon taking Tom’s naked cock deep between his cheeks.

Fucked from behind and on his back the athletic bottom gets the release he needed, but not before Tom launches a massive fountain of hot semen all over his face, splashing right over his mouth and feeding him some of his fresh cock cream. It’s enough to have Rex firing off a sprinkler of post-workout spooge.

It seems quite certain these two will become workout buddies after this encounter.


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