Sly Conan + Santino Fausto

Blond stud Santino Fausto and lean jock Sly Conan have the locker room to themselves, a rare occurrence when the team is battling it out on the pitch. With their teammates busy outside it’s not long at all before the Jawked duo are making out and groping each other.

You can imagine the smell in the room, the sweat and the testosterone, it’s no wonder these two have cock on their minds and with Sly’s rigid erection revealed his muscled pal wastes no time wrapping his lips around the meaty tool.

The big guy is just as skilled at sucking dick as he is on the soccer pitch or in the gym, slobbering all over the delicious dome and wanking his pal, rubbing his meat against his chest and lapping at the wet tip.

Sly enjoyed his friend’s mouth so much he cant wait to try his other willing hole, and you can bet big Santino is more than ready for it.

Bent over with his big beefy ass up he enjoys a little fingering but it’s the feel of Sly’s raw inches thrusting in and out of his pucker that really drives the man wild.

With his own muscle cock in his rubbing hand he rides his buddy on the bench, bouncing on Sly’s dick with rapid pumps until his milky semen is splashing over his pal’s tight abs.

That’s all Sly needs, in moments he’s ready to stroke out his spooge over the powerful hunks smooth body.

We can only imagine what might have happened if their teammates came in too early, but we can guess more cocks would have been splashing some spooge.



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