Finn Harper is doing what a lot of horny young guys like him do every day at the start of this Jawked video, checking out some porn on his phone and groping his cock, preparing to stroke out a good load. He doesn’t seem to notice that step-dad David Lee is in the kitchen and might catch him at any moment.

He’s soon glad he’s caught playing with himself, the big man knows a thing or two about horny guys satisfying their own needs together and after inviting himself to the couch the two are exploring the growing hardness in their shorts and getting their meaty uncut boners out for a little friendly wanking.

It’s not something the two have talked about or shared before but it soon becomes clear they both know how good a hard uncut cock tastes. With their smooth and toned bodies on display and their boners leaking precum in each other’s mouths the horny duo suck and stroke those stiff lengths, but David has something else to teach the boy.

Finn might not be used to this kind of man play but he’s not complaining when David eases his thick bareback tool between his tight cheeks and fills him up with his warm meat, fucking the boy deep and then taking him from behind.

David is one of those guys who just loves to fuck a good hole, and Finn is happy to get the lesson in man sex as he lays back and wanks his dick, taking the powerful thrusts of the man’s big cock in his hole and finally spurting his youthful cream all over his smooth body.

With the boy educated David can relieve himself of his own gooey load, jacking out his semen over the young man in a final spurting climax.




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