Naughty Boy

Ryan Cage is a big hunk of a man and it’s no wonder young Ben Kingston gets a little turned on when his step-dad comes into the bedroom to find him snooping and decides a spanking is in order. Being butt slapped by this huge guy is probably enough to have any twink wanting a little more, and you can bet young Ben gets it when that hard uncut muscle cock is revealed.

The inked dom is always happy to have a sucking mouth on his cock, but it seems he’s just as eager to get a taste of Ben’s stiff young penis, slurping on the long fleshy meat the moment the boy obediently reveals it from his pants.

It certainly didn’t take long for step-dad Ryan to go from a punishing spanking to a horny cock sucking session with the eager boy, but he has more planned for that tight little rump before he’s done with the lesson.

Ben eases his spanked little ass down on the generous muscle dong and takes it for a ride before bending over for a ramming from behind, his own cock stubbornly rigid and swinging as he savors the raw ramming from the powerful man.

With a final reverse cowboy ride Ben tugs out his own hot milky mess and Ryan is quickly ready to tower over him, rubbing his hooded muscle boner to deliver his own fresh cream, jerking his satisfied daddy cock and spurting his warm juices over Ben’s face.

If this is what passes as punishment in a house run by big man Ryan it’s fair to assume young Ben only learned one lesson – how to be naughty enough to get that cock.




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