Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal

Gabriel sits back and enjoys every second of cock-worship he gets from Tommy. The young guy is a master at sucking cock, and the way the trans-man looks up at him fills his heart and loins with joy! A giant smile crosses his face as he runs a hand through Tommy’s hair, wishing he could start every day this way.

The two can’t help but laugh, enamored with each other and loving their insatiable intimacy. Tommy swallows Gabriel down, filling his throat with man meat and moving a hand to his lubed up pussy. He fingers his hole, getting it wet and ready to take Gabriel back inside, eager to milk out one more load.

Getting up to mount Gabriel, Tommy spreads his legs and easily takes his partner’s cock in his cunt. It slides in without any resistance as if it was made to go inside. Tommy immediately starts grinding on it, moving it around inside his body as Gabriel looks him in the eyes and grins. The cis man wraps his hands around Tommy’s ass, feeling its smooth, round cheeks work him from balls to tip.

Gabriel could sit like that all morning, fucking Tommy’s pussy over and over. But as he gets worked up, he can feel his balls begin to tighten, getting dangerously close to cumming. He knows there will come a point where he’ll have to bend the trans-man over the breakfast table and pound hard and fast until he explodes!






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