Apprentice Ryan – The Interview

Master Kamp began to feel around Marcus’ body, caressing his inner thighs, creeping up toward his genitals, going so far as to lift up his shirt and feel his stomach and chest. The boy was gifted with a natural athletic physique, clearly having spent more time in his prayer book than in a gym yet still having a trim, defined body. His smooth skin made him appear all the more innocent, making his boyish reservations even more enticing.

When Kamp put his hand in the boy’s underwear, Marcus looked away, not wanting to see his own penis in the hand of another man. So deep was his repression that even as his cock throbbed and leaked between Master Kamp’s fingers, he wouldn’t indulge himself in the satisfaction of bearing witness to his own arousal.

Master Kamp did not hold back. He continued to play with Marcus’ cock, feeling it getting harder as he moved from simple fondling to stroking.

“You’re enjoying this,” Master Kamp said firmly. It wasn’t a question. It was a statement of fact. His deep, masculine voice echoed around the room, reverberating back at Marcus. The boy couldn’t help but moan as the older man manipulated his loins, playing with him and making him even more aroused.




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