Apprentice Young

Apprentice Young stood straight as the older man ran his hands over his smooth body, uncertain and unsure of how he should respond when the handsome, salt and pepper leader began to lustfully bite his buttocks. It was sudden and surprising, not just because it seemed to break from the formality of the moment, but also because he’d not encountered the man before.

Savage seemed to bounce back and forth between performing his ceremonial duties and indulging in his more carnal desires. Even going so far as to take the boy’s cock in his mouth. Apprentice Young wasn’t yet hard, but the feeling of his member in the older man’s mouth was certainly pleasant, albeit unorthodox. He didn’t know if he was allowed to get aroused, but that didn’t stop his cock from beginning to swell up between Grandmaster Savage’s lips.

As Savage continued to fellate the young man, he took a finger between his buttocks, gently teasing his sphincter. Savage proved to be much more lustful and devious than Young expected, but he didn’t want it to stop. The older man stood up and told him to stroke his cock, a direction that seemed less like an offer and more like an order. The nervous apprentice did as he was told, watching as the dominant daddy began to take off his clothes.


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