Dear Johnny

Johnny Rapid gets a text from Cade Maddox about an encounter with his cousin Tyler Cortez. “Hey Johnny, you’re not going to believe it, but I finally hooked up with my cousin – at our family reunion! It was so hot!” As Johnny reads on, we get to watch. Cade conveys how the moment he saw Tyler, he pulled him into a room at the family house where no one could see and kissed him passionately. After Cade’s intentions with his cousin are known, Tyler drops to his knees and wraps his lips around his Cade’s massive cock. With the family in the next room, Cade continues to face fuck Tyler, making him gag and choke on his thick rod. Unable to resist their urges, Tyler bends over, and Cade buries his face deep in Tyler’s crack. Now that he’s prepped, Cade stands up and slides his girthy dick deep into Tyler’s hungry hole. They do their best to keep quiet as Cade pounds his cousin’s ass from behind. Cade sits back on the bed and Tyler climbs on top to ride his cousin’s dick down to his balls. Switching positions, Tyler flips on his back so Cade can stretch his ass until they both drench Tyler with their thick loads. Cade wonders, “Does a family reunion encounter with your hot cousin turn you on?” Apparently so, because after he reads the text, Johnny sits back and busts a quick nut poolside.


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