Goin’ Gay Ain’t So Bad

Alek Page is a wild and crazy guy. I had an inkling prior to meeting him in person, but when he finally showed up I realized that I had a natural-born actor and general all-around show off. He seems a bit fragile beneath the surface, but he’s always trying to be the life of the party, and to be on everyone’s good side. Well, he’s on my good side for sure, primarily because he let me fuck him. Nothing better than a 19 year old virgin showing up on your doorstep and having him leave with a swollen hole oozing out jizz!

I took some photos of him; he is quite photogenic. That said, he was nervous as hell. It was just me and him in the room, and I think he felt slightly uncomfortable, but he did his best to smile and have a good time. In fact, other than sucking cock, which he definitely doesn’t like (nor is he good at), he was a total pleaser. His ass isn’t too tight, but it’s tight. Alek, however, has a high pain tolerance and he let me fuck him good.

The cherry on the sundae here was that he got hard early on and stayed hard while I fucked him. Missionary, riding, spooning, you name it, he was jerking his rock hard cock with a passion. I almost think that he was really trying to enjoy himself. Well, he sure did cum – a lot. and I busted within a minute of him, mostly right into his ass. Breeding teens is so fun, and especially when they learn that goin’ gay ain’t so bad.


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