Enjoying Every Second With This Slut

Tyler Blue came over for my birthday for a hot romp, and I have to say it was one of my best birthday’s ever. Firstly, because I have a huge crush on Tyler, and secondly, we weren’t rushed and we were able to take out time. Tyler’s not the kind to keep his eye on the clock, if you know what I mean. Even though he’s not cheap, he’s easy. And, he puts on a good show. While we were making out I almost forgot that he might be there for something other than a bill that needs paid. Nonetheless, I sure got what I wanted, and it was totally worth it.

Since I’ve fucked him a few times before, this 18 year old stud’s hole has become used to a thick dick and a deep pounding pretty damn quickly. After a long make-out sesh, I ate him out for what seemed like an hour. His moans and groans of pleasure kept me going, but to tell you the truth his teenage ass tastes so sweet I woulda done it without all the encouragement. He sucks dick good these days, too – so I definitely enjoyed this young man working my cock like a champ. But once the fucking began, I basically destroyed his hole.

I fucked him hard and deep in so many positions. He started off riding me, which was fun, but before long I was going balls deep in missionary. I was a little surprised he was taking it that well, so I just rolled him over on his stomach and thought, “What the fuck, I’m just gonna ram him like a slut.” He seemed to like that, too, but his hole was worn out, so we took a little break and made out some more before I dove back in. I came inside of him and I was trying to get him to cum while I was fucking him, but alas, no. He did jerk off while my jizz was still fresh in his hole, though. I have no idea what exactly he was thinking about, but he came a lot, more than I’d ever seen him cum. It was hot. I was glad to spend a very long session with one of my favorite teens ever.


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