Twice Bred Teen

There’s nothing I like better than a teen who just offers up his asshole for use cheerfully. Liam is just that kinda guy, too. I think I developed a special affinity for him after he came while I was fucking him and he told me he’d never cum getting fucked before. So cute. But anyways, Tyler Nugent and Liam and I were hanging out and filming some scenes, and I suggested a threesome. This is a really laid back video, we just kinda hopped on the bed and winged it. But the results are hot – and Liam’s hole gets creamed not once, but twice.

After Liam sucked Tyler’s cock I ate him out, and we did some mutual making out and cock tugging, too. After that, Tyler and I basically just kept taking turns with Liam’s teenage hole, at a leisurely pace, too. After quite a bit of fucking, I was banging Liam from behind while Liam was sucking on Tyler’s big fat cock, and I couldn’t help myself – I dumped a fat load deep into him. Well, having been bred by me, it was all up to Tyler to complete the job.

Tyler fucked Liam with Liam riding, with Liam on his stomach, and then with Liam on his back. It was hot knowing that my cum was being used as lube for Tyler’s dick, and Liam sure didn’t mind all the banging. He’s such a good sport. Once Tyler bred him, too, he was more than happy to show off his cum filled hole. Hot stuff!


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