Fun With The Boys

I was fortunate enough to have a threesome a few weeks ago with two young men who were entirely new to me. It was more than than I could have imagined, mostly because these guys are down for whatever and always horny. Drake Von and Charlie Knox had been staying with me for a few days, and I was more than happy to finally get them both in the bed at the same time. Charlie was the designated bottom and he sure did exceed expectations! Not only are his BJs in the top ten percent, he’s a great fuck. That sexy body looks amazing getting pounded and also spit-roasted (Drake and I had an amazing time taking turns on him). While I was barebacking Charlie, Charlie nutted into Drake mouth, too. Which, of course I snowballed back into Charlie’s mouth. Haha!

After that, I told Drake that I wanted to cum in his ass. He was iffy about the whole having a cock in his butt thing, but I told him I’d only put the head in, so he agreed. Baby steps…. So, while Charlie filmed it, I got close and stuck my dick inside Drake right before I unleashed a load into him. I felched my jiz out of his pert little 18 year old hole, and with that, my day was made. Not only did I get to fuck a true Southern hottie, but I got to unload into a sexy teen. Fun with the boys never disappoints.


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