Liam’s Introduction

This was a little vid I shot for my private collection the day after first meeting Liam. We had spent the day shopping (No, I didn’t take him shopping and buy him stuff – it was his 19th birthday and he wanted a new pair of shoes as a gift to himself). Tyler Blue, one of my “it” boys, was staying with me that week, and he had tagged along as well. When we returned to our little vacation rental, Tyler and I concocted a reason to get Liam out of his clothes a day early. Plus, Tyler really wanted to try his hand out at filming. So, I thought we would just wing something and see how good Liam was on the spot. Turns out, not so bad!

After getting Liam slowly undressed and rubbing all over him, admiring his pits and his feet, we finally got his underwear off. Liam was excited, you could tell. Tyler was, too, apparently, because he began shedding clothes as well. We all spent a nice long time on the bed cock grabbing, making out, and sucking dick. When Liam sucked me off I about had an out-of-body experience it was so good. You know how they classify floods as a 50-year flood, 100-year flood? Well Liam was a 10-year blowjob. A Mouth like that comes along rarely. He made sure I enjoyed every second of some beyond-amazing dome, and then swallowed my entire, creamy load. That was a nice treat! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little ditty.


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