Full-On Nympho Maniacs

Jack Bailey, of course, is one of my favorite Raunchy Bastards, and newbie Liam Addison is a perfect addition. Like Jack, Liam is a not-so-secret cock slut, and he loves fucking, getting fucked, sucking dick, getting sucked. You name it! So, I knew before we began that I would have a lot of fun with these two. Turns out, we all had a blast as both Jack and Liam got fucked, fucked, and let me have their way with them. They sure did seems to like being in a threesome, too. When you are a nymphomaniac, the more the better!

We pretty much fucked in various positions, including a hot sesh of Jack Bailey bouncing back and forth between me and Liam’s dicks. To end it off, we did a choo-choo train, or sandwich. I was fucking Liam while Liam was fucking Jack. Jack loved getting fucked this way, and he jerked off furiously, enjoying every second of it, until he gushed out a massive load of cum. I was so hot and bothered that I came almost immediately afterward, breeding Liam’s hot little ass. Great threesome!


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