Butt Slut Tag Team

Masyn Thorne was eager to get into some more action with Liam Addison and Clay, but it was Liam who really shined in this fuck fest – unbeknownst to us, Liam loves being used by more than one dude at once. It was a real turn on for him, and he put out like a total butt slut! Masyn and Liam begin by eagerly hopping onto the bed, and as Masyn and I got our cocks out, Liam lie on his back just enjoying it. He sucked us both of great, going from on dick to the other, and then back and forth. He was sporting a massive boner himself the whole while. I, of course, have a bit of a one track mind, and before long Liam’s shorts were down to his knees and my face was buried in his ass. Liam has a sweet tasty hole and I enjoyed tongueing it while he worked on Masyn’s pole with his mouth.

Masyn and I switched place, and as Liam sucked me off again, Masyn went in for the hole – not with his tongue, but with his cock. Masyn and I then proceeded to spit-roast Liam feverishly, each of us taking turns, while Liam moaned in appreciation. He loves the pound down, and he loves his mouth and ass taking cock at the same time. Soon we went from missionary to doggie, and we continued our fucking. Before long, Masyn couldn’t take it anymore, and he came inside Liam. Liam continued to suck me off while Masyn’s load was spurting deep into him, and then I took over where Masyn left off. Filled with jizz and cock still, Liam began to beat off furiously. He shot a massive load while I was porking him, too! It was a hot time, and we all had fun. I just suspect that Liam liked it the most.


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