From Zero To Hero

This scene is fairly epic in my opinion, for several reasons. I had just met Cole Church a week before, and he grudgingly done some gay4pay that was only a handjob. And Alek I met a few days before this threesome went down. I managed to talk Cole into fucking a dude, which wasn’t that easy, and I also talked Alek into going all the way. Alek had barely gotten off the plane when Cole and I turned on the cameras and began Alek’s journey from never having been with a dude to being the resident cum dumpster. The great thing was, Alek’s attitude was spot-on.

Cole was still a little nervous about it all, but I suppose since he wasn’t the one getting fucked it helped a lot. Alek gave Cole a nice blowjob, and then I rimmed him while he kept going. When it was finally time for him to lose his V-card, both Cole and I were surprised that it was as easy as it was. He didn’t require too much loosening up, and he was pulling some advanced moves like spreading his cheeks and trying to feel Cole’s whopper cock as it slid in and out of him. Cole does have a huge dick, so it was definitely a surprise. Cole and I ended up taking turns on his hole, and both of us came inside of him. Overall, this was definitely a classic: two legit straight guys, both doing things they had never done before. I felt blessed to be a part of it. Alek went from zero to hero in my book. And Cole, well, I’m still working on him.




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