Cumming For More

Jamie Owens and Shane Colby were taking a stroll through a train yard before Jamie said that he would like to suck dick. Seeing as he didn’t cum since yesterday, Shane took up on the offer gladly. Jamie was doing such a good job sucking that Shane dropped to his knees also to see if he can make his buddy’s cock feel good! They swapped head for a while before Jamie got what he wanted as Shane was cumming on his face. Meanwhile, the blond twink Jayden Harwey was walking about wanting to fuck when he came upon Jamie and they clicked instantly. Jayden invited him into his home so he can relax while he showers and gets ready to fuck. Shane’s hole got restless so Jayden stuck his tongue right in it! Shane sighed and counted every moment before Jayden slipped his cock in and bareback began. They fucked ceaselessly before Jayden’s cock had enough and spilled it’s load all over Shane’s face!


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