Scout Marcus, Gathering Wood

I’ve always had an interest in young Marcus and finally took my shot yesterday by suggesting we take a walk into the woods to collect firewood.

I suspect he knew what I was planning! Those Scoutmaster uniform pants are pretty tight and I was very hard! Within seconds I’d undone my belt and was pulling my pants down.

I got him to run his fingers over my bulge and before long, both of our cocks were soaking up the afternoon sunshine!

I told him to get down on his knees and kiss my dick.

I knew right then that I had to fuck him, so I turned him around and got my tongue about as far as I could inside his hole. Moments later, I went in with a finger. He gasped and asked what I was doing and it suddenly struck me that I was about to plow a virgin ass.

I asked if he wanted to try to take my big dick. He seemed unsure but instinctively leaned against the tree and presented his ass to me…

Boy did he yell when I pushed the tip of my meat into him for the first time, but once he’d gotten more used to the feeling, he was desperate for me to keep doing what I was doing…

He was a good, brave boy and, as I started to thrust, he told me that it felt good. Within minutes, I was able to go in hard, which was just as well because he’d got me pretty darned horny, with his tight, lithe body.

I had to cum. I hit the point of no return and then it was just a matter of banging the semen into him as it flew like bullets out of my dick.


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