Setting Up Scout Camp

I’ve been doing everything I can to avoid young Marcus, ever since I had a fairly intense erotic dream about him. It is, of course, completely inappropriate for a Scoutmaster to have these sorts of dreams about one of the boys, but fate has a way of stirring up one hell of a hornets’ nest and, this afternoon, the two of us were sent to prepare camp while the others went on a hike.

I was utterly astonished when he tried to kiss me. Obviously, I told him how inappropriate he was being. But then I could feel my dick hardening.

He lurched forward for another kiss and this time I allowed it. It instantly felt amazing; those soft, warm lips pressed against mine, our tongues dancing around each other in slippery circles. I flung him on his back, ripped down his shorts and got my lips wrapped around his rock hard dick.

I got my clothes off pretty speedily and it wasn’t long before he’d returned the favor. Man, that boy gave great head!

I pushed him onto all fours and got his pert little ass good and wet. I got my finger up there, then spat on my dick, lined it up with the boy’s hole and pushed into him – uncovered.

I went faster and faster. It was overwhelming…

I started banging like a stag in heat and decided the only option was to blast a load inside him. I wanted to fill the little slut up with my cum. I shoved my hand over his mouth and shot a huge load deep in his guts.


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