Lessons in Discretion

Scoutmaster Smith is a sexy silver daddy who can make a young boy weak at the knees. For some time now, he’s had his eye on Jack, a handsome, hairless twink with a winning smile and a glint in his eye.

He finally gets the boy on his own in a tent in the forest and seduces him speedily. Jack instantly succumbs to the scoutmaster’s sexy charms, and, within seconds, is desperate to do whatever it takes to please him.

Jack wraps his soft, teenaged lips around Smith’s huge daddy dick before taking it deep into his throat. The scoutmaster, in total ecstasy, watches Jack’s peachy ass rising and sinking as the boy gently thrusts his groin into the bed while he sucks.

Smith doesn’t even need to ask Jack if he wants to take his dick. Jack simply climbs onto the older man and sinks onto him, allowing Smith’s giant meat to slowly penetrate his tight hole.

Before long, Jack is bouncing up and down on the scoutmaster like a true pro. His ass feels like a clamp on Smith’s rigid, raw dick. Jack’s stamina is insane. He rides the older man relentlessly. Smith can feel the cum rising helplessly in his nuts.

Smith pulls out and pushes the boy onto his front so that he can do some serious banging. Jack, overcome with lustful excitement, starts to jerk himself fast and hard. A few extra hard thrusts from the older man sends the boy over the edge. He sprays a giant load with the Scoutmaster’s dick still pumping inside him


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