Meal prep is a time-honored tradition in scouting. Away from the comforts of home, young men must learn to fend for themselves, preparing their own dinners over a handmade fire. Out in the wild, such indulgences as pizza aren’t easy to make, forcing them to stick to the basics: meat, veggies, and potatoes.

It’s Scouts Austin and Ian’s turn to prepare the food, hanging back around camp while others look for firewood. While some of the more adventurous scouts might find this task boring and tedious, these young men are happy to get away from the poison ivy of the densely wooded forest.

Scout Ian has been through this many times before, knowing that it’s a welcome respite from the hard work that usually comes with outdoor excursions. He lets Austin know just how fortunate they are, hinting that it’ll be hours before anyone returns to check in.

Scout Austin is intrigued when he hears that they’ll be left alone for a while. It’s not often that the young men are away from the group without supervision from their leaders. Ever since he pitched his tent, Austin’s been eagerly looking for opportunities to have a bit of extracurricular fun.






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