Bearsilien and Samy Luvsins

I love it when my boy teases me. Last week we were on a mini work vacation. We got separate rooms so he could play around with other daddies, but I had to get my alone time with him first. After doing some fun texting, he put on his blindfold as usual, and I went into his room. I could smell his sexy scent as soon as I walked through the doors. It is always hot that he doesn’t know just what I have planned. This time I just wanted to make sure he was getting pleasure and not just servicing like normal. I sat him down on the barstool and started licking, kissing, and rubbing his body while he stroked his cock. I then took his dick into my hands and kept playing with it. I love making him taste his sweet precum. I then got naked, and he sucked my cock while jerking his meat. I know it gets him hard to service daddy, but today was all about him. I sucked his balls until he shot his load. I know that’s just what he needed.


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