Frank Bauer and Donnan Blanc

My stepbrother, Frank, and I love to fool around. We’ve been this way ever since high school. That’s when we both came out to each other and tested the waters. Now we get together now and then. But last week, he invited me over for a massage. How could I say no? I went over, and we started kissing and stripping off our clothes. Then I laid down on the bed, and he put some lotion on my back and used his strong hands to rub all over my back. It felt so good that I couldn’t stop moaning uncontrollably. Then he got down to my ass crack, spread my butt apart, and went to town with his finger. Damn, it felt so fucking good. I haven’t had my hole played with in a long time. Then he flipped me over and stroked me off with his mouth until I came all over my belly.


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