Getting to Fourth Base

My name’s Lance Charger and I coach young people to play baseball. Perhaps I shouldn’t be noticing how sexy some of the boys on my team have become, but it’s hard to ignore all those raging hormones floating about in the locker room after a game! The biggest horn-dog is a young guy called Austin, but I’ve also taken a bit of a shine to a boy called Eli.

The three of us were in the locker room the other day. I turned around for a few seconds, and when I turned back, they were kissing! I was astounded when Austin casually looked up and invited me to join them.

I took them to my office and within seconds had my lips wrapped around Austin’s while Eli stood behind me feeling my ass. These two boys knew exactly what they were doing and exactly what they wanted.

Austin asked if I wanted his dick and was soon pushing his raw boy meat into me. It felt so good that I was purring like a contented tiger feeling his young shaft deep in my hole. It was soon Eli’s turn to bang and he went at it with a level of intensity which blew my mind!

At some point, Austin was back inside me again, literally slamming himself into me with all head had. I was almost relieved when he started to gasp, and it became clear he needed to explode. He pulled his dick out of my tight ass and sprayed his sticky jizz all over my belly and rock hard dick.

Then Eli took the reins again. He went at it real fast and hard, and I wasn’t at all surprised when his dick started to swell and I could feel him squirting his huge load deep into my guts. I’d do anything for these boys, including take their energetic fucks again and again!


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