Jack Bailey, Chapter 1: Top Training

“Have you ever had sex before?” Jack’s face flushed red. He didn’t know what to say that would sound right, so he just told the truth that he hadn’t.

“Do you want some pointers?” Grandpa Lance asked, already beginning to remove his clothes. Jack could hardly believe what he was hearing and seeing. It became pretty apparent that this was not going to be a usual birds and bees conversation, nor was it going to be purely theoretical.

With Lance’s permission, Jack took a handful of the older man’s member, still concealed in his underwear. It was big and warm, plenty thick and growing harder as he touched. Lance guided him to his nipples. Jack teased them before taking them into his mouth. His soft, full lips pressed onto them, feeling the silky fur of his chest caress his face.

Lance repeated under his breath “good boy, that’s my boy” as Jack navigated his body, seeing Jack’s cock begin to tent up his shorts.

Lance wanted to show Jack exactly what he needed to know. Taking off his underwear, Lance got up on the bed and spread his legs apart, giving Jack a look at his hairy, bare ass and tight hole. Jack gazed at the man’s backside, never having seen something so beautiful. Everything he’d seen in porn and in life was all smooth skin twinks. But here was a man like he’d never seen, in the flesh, and ready for him to explore.

Lance taught him how to rim his ass, relaxing and tightening his sphincter on the tip of the young man’s tongue, giving plenty of encouragement and guidance on how to properly loosen him up. Jack couldn’t believe he was tasting his grandpa’s hole, but everything about how it looked, tasted, and felt was amazing.

He could have stayed with his face planted between his fuzzy cheeks for hours, but his throbbing cock was becoming too much to bear, and Grandpa Lance was keen to feel it deep in his hole…


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