Jack Bailey Getting Pumped

Dolf is no stranger to getting a hot young guy naked, and Jack was exactly his type. He loved his bright smile and pleasant demeanor, finding himself crushing on him harder and harder as the session progressed. Once Jack couldn’t take anymore, he let the boy cool off, sitting beside him and showering him with compliments and encouragement.

Jack loved it. He loved hearing the positive feedback from his trainer, but also found himself increasingly attracted to him. Once he realized he wasn’t as scary as he first imagined, he saw the exuberant, friendly, even playful personality of the older trainer.

Dolf pressed his hands on Jack’s chest, feeling for the swelling and pump of his young muscles. It was common for him to do so with his athletes, but when it came to Jack, his own heart started racing as if he’d done a series of pushups.

The chemistry between them seemed to increase with each passing second. As Dolf’s hands moved over Jack’s body, Jack opened himself up to allow the older man to explore further. Dolf was not shy about putting his big hands up Jack’s thighs to feel his groin. Jack was rock hard within seconds, tenting up his shorts in a way that Dolf could not ignore.

Dolf brought Jack in close, feeling up his chest before telling him to take off his shirt. Jack did without hesitation. Seeing Jack’s response, he asked him to take off his shorts as well.

Jack’s cock swelled up even tighter as he got down to just his jock. He didn’t anticipate anything like this happening, but he was more than happy to see where things could go…


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