Jack wanders slowly toward his locker in the darkened school hallways. He stayed late to finish some makeup work, and the setting sun is now glaring off the polished floors through the glass doors at the end of the hall. His locker is in a little alcove off the main corridor and as he steps into the shadowed area to put his books away, he hears the squeak of a door opening. The sound is followed by the deep chuckle of a man and a lighter, hushed voice of a classmate he recognizes.

Curious about the clandestine nature of the pair’s interaction, Jack peeks around the corner to see Coach Rick and a boy from one of Jack’s classes. Cameron? Jack thinks. That hall leads to the gym past the boy’s locker room. Jack’s breath catches in his throat when he sees Cameron grip the coach’s ass roughly with one hand and his face with the other to pull the man down into an assertive kiss before pushing him back with a grin. Coach Rick leans forward, obviously wanting more, but Cameron takes a step back and turns to walk toward Jack with a grin. Jack steps deeper into the shadows, staying perfectly still as Cameron leaves….






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