Tom Bentley – Top Training

Tom’s a talented young athlete and I’m the lucky guy who gets to be his coach. Yesterday afternoon, I took him to my office and we kissed. Moments later, I stripped down to my jock and got on my knees to suck the hell out of the boy’s giant, cut dick. I was so confused. I’m his coach. Surely he was meant to be pleasuring me?

He pushed me down onto the couch and pulled my legs back so that he could get that talented teenaged tongue of his inside my hole.

It wasn’t long before he was feeding his huge dick into me and lemme tell you, it hurt like hell! As soon as he got inside, he started thrusting. On my back with my legs in the air, I was helpless to do anything but go with the flow. The pleasure was remarkable.

He told me to get on all fours and pushed me down onto the foot rest, spitting on my hole for added lube. Then he was back inside me again.

Every time I thought it was getting to be too much, he’d change the tempo or depth of his strokes, and I’d suddenly be back in pure heaven.

He turned me around again so that he could look into my eyes. He held my legs and hammered me, then told me he was gonna shoot…

I could feel a fast-flowing river gushing into me. He pulled out and I could feel the spunk trying to follow his dick, but then he just pushed it back in again.


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