Erik Lunak – Erotic Solo

Erik Lunak is from Pardubice. He is aged 18 and is a student. In his spare time he enjoys sports, athletics and jogging. He looks very relaxed as he sits on the bed for his interview. Then he takes off his tee shirt and lays back and begins to feel his slim body. Erik takes off his pants and kneelson the bed as he begins to rub his underwear. He reaches in and pulls his cock up so that it pokes out the top of the underwear. Taking hold of the stiff cock he begins to wank it. Then as the cock pokes out in front of him he removes the underwear. He then takes hold of his throbbing cock and wanks it again. Erik oils his dick and continues wanking as the balls get tight at the base of the shaft. Then he lays on his back and raises his legs to show off his ass. With the cock and balls trapped between his legs Erik spreads his ass cheeks to show off his tight hole. He wanks on his stiff cock as he shows off his hole, then he spreads the ass more to givn an even better view of his hole. Moving onto his shoulders, with his ass in the air he shows off that hole perfectly. Pulling on the ass cheeks stretches that tight hole. Then Erik moves back onto the bed and wanks his cock again. He keeps wanking until the hot cum is released onto his sexy body. Then he milks the cock dry and goes off to the shower to clean up.


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