Wank Party #134

Wank Party #134 stars Hugo Antonin, Tadeas Hospodar, Tomas Mracek and Martin Hlozek. It is Tadeas’ birthday and in this first part he is brought into the room by the others, with Hugos hands over his eyes. They all start to celebrate the birthday with a drink. Then Tomas has an idea. It is to blindfold Tadeas and then he has to guess who is kissing him. Hugo ties the scarf around Tadeas’ eyes. Then each of the guys kisses Tadeas but he is unable to guess which kiss is which. When Hugo licks him he suggests it is a cow. Then Tomas and Martin each kiss him again. Hugo holds Tadeas head and tells him to open his mouth and each of the guys proceeds to put his cock in the open mouth. Then Hugo bends over and puts his hole on Tadeas’ tongue. He puts his cock back into the mouth too and starts to fuck it. By now Tadeas realises what is in his mouth and begins to suck eagerly. Hugo’s cock is soon replaced by Tomas’ stiff dick. Tadeas sucks on that cock too, enjoying how it fills his mouth. He comes off it and turns his head to take Martin’s dick in for sucking too. Meanwhile Hugo kisses Tomas and wanks him too. Tadeas sucks Martin and Tomas in turns, having his head pushed all the way onto the rock hard cocks by Hugo. Then Hugo pulls the eager mouth onto his own cock. Tadeas is very keen to get as much cock as he can and reaches to wank the dicks when they are not being sucked. All 3 cocks are wanked by their owners too. Tadeas continues to share his mouth with each of the throbbing cocks, making sure that all are satisfied. Martin get to enjoy Tadeas all to himself as Hugo lays down for Tomas to go down on his rampant cock. He sucks well on Hugo’s big pole as Tadeas gets naked too. He also lays down and Martin drops to his knees to suck him. Tomas and Martin show how keen they are to suck too before Hugo switches places and sucks Tomas. Tomas big, fat, cock fills Hugo’s mouth as he sucks it deep. Martin keeps working on Tadeas’ cock and reaches over to rub Tomas’ hot body. He kisses Tadeas’ too and then returns to his sucking. Hugo has a voracious appetite for cock and sucks so well. Then he swaps partners with Martin so that Tadeas can suck him again. Martin goes down on Tomas to work his big dick. Tadeas continues to work on that big dick as Tomas’ mouth works on Martin. Martin’s hips thrust hard, shoving the dick deep into Tomas mouth. He also kisses Hugo as they both are sucked. Then partners are swapped again and Tomas kneels and presents his ass for Hugo to rim it. After a quick suck on Martin Tadeas turns over to have his ass hole rimmed too. Hugo fingers Tomas tight hole as things are set well for part two.


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