Peter & Radek RAW – Full Contact

Peter Hronsky is doing some exercises, in front of the mirror. As he does so Radek Ulba walks up behind him and starts to feel Peter’s sexy body. Peter turns around and they begin to kiss. After kissing a while Radek drops to his knees and lowers Peter’s pants releasing ihs thick, hard cock. Radek takes the cock into his mouth and sucks on it. Peter fucks his dick into the eager mouth as Radek sucks. Radek licks on Peter’s balls too and wanks the big cock too. He sucks hard on the dick as Peter’ hips push it deep into his mouth. Then Radek stands up and they kiss again as Peter’s dick stands proudly to attention. Peter lays on the bed and Radek is quick to go down on the throbbing cock again. Radek then removes his pants and climbs over Peter, head to toe, and they begin to 69. They each suck on a rock hard cock as they enjoy a mouth on theirs. Coming off the cocks they kiss again. Then Radek postions himself,straddling Peter, and takes the big dick in his ass hole. That big cock fills Radek’s ass as he rides up and down on it. He takes Peter’s huge erection so well as it fucks into his hot hole. Peter’s hips thrust hard as he fucks his dick up into that eager hole. Sliding off the dick Radek turns around and sits himself back down on it. His own cock flops about as Radek fucks his hole onto Peter’s cock. Peter pounds his cock hard and fast up into the hole too. Then Radek kneels on the bed and Peter fucks him from behind. He pounds his cock deep into Radek’s ass for a short time. Then Radek lays on his back to get more. He wanks himself as Peter’s huge cock stretches his hole. The big cock works that tight hole as Radek keeps wanking. As he wanks hard, and takes the dick in his ass Radek shoots his hot cum all over himself. Peter continues to fuck the hot hole as Radek milks himself dry. Then Peter pulls out and moves up to Radek’s head. He wanks his big cock and releases a glob of cum onto Radek’s tongue.


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