A windy drive deep into quiet pristine seaside woods leads horny Yoshi and Axel into their own private summer paradise, ‘Fister Island’. The sexual temperature rises even before they step out of the car, as cocks swell and stiffen in skimpy speedos. Ever the influencer, Axel catches all the debauchery on his phone, even as they baptize their trip, pissing on each other through the thin fabric of their swimsuits. Once the tailgate is up and open, Axel squats in the luggage area for Yoshi to lick and fist his sex-starved hole. He steps out to video his ass getting punched in the bright sunshine and the piss starts flowing again. He strolls down the road with Yoshi’s fist still buried in his hole.

Bent over on a high mossy bank, Yoshi gets his turn. Axel tears the ass out of his speedos and plunges his fist into Yoshi’s hairy ass. The warm day blooms with two contented holes pushing open on the pebbled roadside. They wander back to the car, climb back in to drive to the next sunny spot for some filthy fun.


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