Levi, River & Kieran

Horny tops Levi and River see hottie Kieran working out, and he takes notice of them, too. The guys strike up a chat and before long they’re kissing and undressing in the gym. Kieran sucks River as Levi rims his hole, then eases inside. The tops take turns fucking the bottom till Kieran cums all over Levi’s hairy chest as […]

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Brysen & Jackson

If you need a workout you can do when you’re short on time and equipment, today Brysen’s in the gym showing off some high-intensity moves, and curly-haired Jackson is watching the stud get sweaty while doing his reps. Jackson gives Brysen a rubdown on the massage table, then takes out the top’s cock to suck it. The guys 69, and […]

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Kieran, Shamu & Jackson

Shamu and Jackson are sore after a hard week in the gym, so what better way to relax their tight muscles than with a massage? The guys strip down to their jocks and lie down on the tables, and masseur Kieran starts to work his magic. Shamu moans as Kieran starts fingering and licking his hole, and Jackson assures him, […]

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Tim & Kyle

Tim and Kyle meet up on the trail, where the guys show off their hairy chests and share some flirty kisses, and by the time they’re back at the house they’re hungry for more. Tim kisses down Kyle’s chest and sucks him, and then the top tells the redhead to sit on his face. Kyle’s tongue in Tim’s hole feels […]

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Deacon & Joseph

“You wanna suck it?” Deacon asks dark-haired Joseph as they kiss in the bedroom, and of course, the bottom says, “I do!” After the blowjob, Deacon bends him over to rim his tight hole, then fucks him doggystyle. Joseph rides the handsome top, then Deacon lifts him up and shows off his strength and endurance with a stand-and-carry! Joseph orgasms […]

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Lan & Holden: Bareback

“I like it all. I like to top, I like to bottom,” tall hunk Lan tells first-timer Holden. The bearded cutie says he’s into “really good, genuine connection. I feel like we have a really good one. Anything else is perfect.” The guys discuss what really turns them on before eagerly devouring each other’s cocks. Lan makes Holden moan as […]

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