Brian & Dario

It’s a hot and steamy day today as we join our photographer Benno, Brian Jovovich, Dario Dolce, and a helicopter for this special Art Collection photoshoot. Not only are the boys breaking a sweat here, but even the poor photographer is having trouble standing out in this unusually hot, Budapest day. The location is, of course, at Rocco’s house that […]

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Beautiful Boys Bang

With gorgeous good looks that compliment each other, Cody Hall and Parker Quinn kiss with wild abandon, while pawing at overstuffed packages, as they cast their clothes to the floor. With lust in his eyes, and a thirst in his throat, cock hungry Cody Hall decends to the knees. He unwraps Parker’s pulsing package, then pounces on the perfect piece […]

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Damien, Anal Ultrasound

After discovering that Damien was actively pursuing an online sex opportunity, Dr. Wolf finds himself caring for the boy, adopting a sort of daddy-like bond with him. The Doctor encourages Damien to touch base often, so he isn’t surprised to see the name show up on his schedule as the final patient of the day. The Doctor does have a […]

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