Dont Stop Baby

I’ve been dying for a piece of James’s dick ever since I walked into the house on our friend’s vacation. He was a friend of John’s, but we never met until that weekend. I wasn’t even supposed to be there, but someone couldn’t make it, so I jumped in. I was happy to learn that James felt the same. He […]

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Alan Stark and Chris Palmers

Why should I have to wait to get what I want when I can take it? That’s what I thought when I invited Chris over after school. I was tired of flirting with him all day during class, and I wasn’t about to let him out of my house without having my dick deep inside of him. So while we […]

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Our Boys In Their Kits

What do twinks do when alone? Beno’s been checking out his teammate, Josh since they started training for the new year of track at school. He hadn’t seen Josh for a while and forgot how cute he was. But what he didn’t forget was how good his ass felt. To prepare for wrestling season, Jared and Max decided to have […]

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