Logan, Chapter 6: The Fitting

Since discovering my sexual orientation and recognizing a specific attraction to older men, I’ve searched online to explore this interest further. Initially, my focus was on considerably older male figures, particularly those with a friendly and approachable demeanor, one often characterized by beards and chest hair, such as teachers. I needed a suit for an upcoming function, and for that […]

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Damien, Anal Ultrasound

After discovering that Damien was actively pursuing an online sex opportunity, Dr. Wolf finds himself caring for the boy, adopting a sort of daddy-like bond with him. The Doctor encourages Damien to touch base often, so he isn’t surprised to see the name show up on his schedule as the final patient of the day. The Doctor does have a […]

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Shay’s Anal Ultrasound

Lately, Dr. Wolf has been too busy for Shay to come over to the house for play time, so Shay took matters into his own little hands! He called Dr. Wolf’s office and made an appointment to see him. Dr. Wolf knows what the little guy’s game is, but he’s missed their time together, too, and he’s willing to play […]

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