Damien, Anal Ultrasound

After discovering that Damien was actively pursuing an online sex opportunity, Dr. Wolf finds himself caring for the boy, adopting a sort of daddy-like bond with him. The Doctor encourages Damien to touch base often, so he isn’t surprised to see the name show up on his schedule as the final patient of the day. The Doctor does have a surprise for his eager patient, however; a new toy of sorts that Dr. Wolf was hoping to test out knowing that the adventurous Damien would be the perfect test subject.

Upon entering the exam room, Dr. Wolf can detect that mischievous twinkle in the twink’s eyes as they greet. The Latino boy feels his face getting flush, his cheeks burning red the moment he locks eyes with the MD. It takes everything in the boy’s power not to jump off the exam table once the door was closed firmly behind them.

Excited to try out something new, Damien hops back up on the exam table and lifts his legs into the metal stirrups as the Doctor grabs hold of the ultrasound device. After slathering some of the lube onto the device and positioning the wand over the boy’s groin, the small screen off to the side of the exam table comes to life with the black and white internal image of Dr. Wolf’s huge cock. It fills both the tiny screen and Damien’s narrow crevice.