Damien, Anal Ultrasound

After discovering that Damien was actively pursuing an online sex opportunity, Dr. Wolf finds himself caring for the boy, adopting a sort of daddy-like bond with him. The Doctor encourages Damien to touch base often, so he isn’t surprised to see the name show up on his schedule as the final patient of the day. The Doctor does have a […]

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Stef Killer and Lexian

Lexian’s one of those boys who likes to get up to mischief when his folks are away for the weekend. This evening he’s headed straight to his favorite sex club. To be honest, the place is always a bit hit and miss, but tonight Lexian’s in luck. Literally the first person he sees is Stef, a roasting hot, sporty guy […]

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Dog Ryan and Kader Jawell

Dog and Kader are red-blooded roomies who just can’t seem to get enough of one another. They’re supposed to be heading to a night in the clubs, but what’s the point in going out on the town when you’ve got the real deal living in your apartment? Besides, both of these dudes are obsessed with shiny sports gear, and that’s […]

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Serg Shepard Cumdump #1

Serg Shepard may appear as a shy pale-skinned boy next door type, but oh does he know how to milk cocks for every ounce of cum they are worth. With daddy-types like Adam Snow and Hudson James having their way with Serg’s cum-filled hole, and eager twink tops like Oliver Carter and Ethan Tate taking their turns, everybody’s load is […]

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