Apprentice Ducati, Chapter 1: The Interview

I touched him all over until he was trembling uncontrollably. Goose bumps forming on his arms and thighs, his big dick like a rod of iron in his stark white garments. I pulled his member out and applied saliva to its tip. He groaned deeply. I ran my hand up and down his shaft. He began to gasp. I looked at him. He smiled weakly. He was mine.

Saliva turned into oils which I allowed to drip down the length of his cock until my giant hands were able to glide up and down its shaft with zero friction. He bit his lip, then closed his eyes and threw his head back, still terrified that he was not permitted to feel such levels of arousal.

I spread his legs wide and pulled him to the front of the chair so that his ass was exposed. I then pushed an oily finger into his hole. He was tight, but he clearly found this new sensation to his liking. I pulled out my dildo and ran it over his body. He knew that it was destined for his ass, but I wanted to see his hole twitching before I gave him what he so clearly wanted. I pushed it into his mouth and he took it, without choking. I told him to spit on it, to make it nice and wet, and he obeyed.

Then I pushed the dildo slowly into his hole. He resisted for a while. The thought was exciting but frightening. Nothing had ever been pushed up there before. But then he yielded to me, gritting his teeth bravely, trying to breathe deeply as the dildo slowly inched its way into him. Once he’d got over the shock, I was able to toy with him, tapping the dildo with my signet ring and sending electric shocks of pure delight through his body.


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