Shoe Boy

Master R. and Pup Jaxx are in matching black latex sweatsuits and high top shoes. Pup Jaxx’s face is hooded behind a mask made of cut up athletic socks. They meet in an empty industrial space where Master R. has a full evening of activities planned for his submissive. To start things off, Master R. instructs Pup Jaxx to lovingly […]

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BK Fuck Buds

FROCK THE WORLD presents Cyber Twink (They/Them) and Nico Bellic ( He/Him) in BK FUCK BUDS, a moody and sensual hookup scene between friends. We’re back in our favorite playroom and this time we brought a few buddies along. Cyber Twink and Nico Bellic are casual fuck buddies . Cyber Twink is always eager to please and has a smooth […]

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Pup Spork (He/Him) is a good boy with a streak of kink behind his innocent eyes. He’s a show off and a daddy’s boy. Oh, he’s also a totally adorable strawberry blonde twink! The mood for his shoot was immediately horny. Pup Spork was ready to strip down to his boxer shorts and show off his hard dick and full […]

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