Shoe Boy

Master R. and Pup Jaxx are in matching black latex sweatsuits and high top shoes. Pup Jaxx’s face is hooded behind a mask made of cut up athletic socks. They meet in an empty industrial space where Master R. has a full evening of activities planned for his submissive.

To start things off, Master R. instructs Pup Jaxx to lovingly lick the his leather sneakers.Next comes forced cocksucking with a mouthful of hung thick man meat courtesy of Master R. Pup Jaxx is moved to the ladder where he is bound in place with rope. Once secured, an electro kit is tied to Pup Jaxx’s body and he is stimulated with pulses of electricity to his hard dick. The buzz is intoxicating and thilling.

Master R. releases the ropes tied around his boy. Pup Jaxx is turned around and positioned by his dominant. Master R. inserts his cock into Pup Jaxx’s wet hole and gives him a relentless pounding. The pleasure is painted all over Pup Jaxx’s face as he releases a heavy load all over the ladder and the floor. Master R. continues pumping until he pulls out and covers his boy’s face in cum.