Breaking In The New Boy

What’s better than fully owning a twink boy with kinky punishment? Owning TWO twinky boys, of course! New arrival Aaron is continuing his first lesson alongside fellow captive Jonny, and Master Kane is making the most of it. After face fucking the bound boys and making their dicks frot between them he’s determined to inflict some pain. Watch as Master […]

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Shoe Boy

Master R. and Pup Jaxx are in matching black latex sweatsuits and high top shoes. Pup Jaxx’s face is hooded behind a mask made of cut up athletic socks. They meet in an empty industrial space where Master R. has a full evening of activities planned for his submissive. To start things off, Master R. instructs Pup Jaxx to lovingly […]

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At The Mercy Of Master

Master Kane has been preparing for his new session with gorgeous little blond twink Galiel for a while, he’s been gathering all the toys and tools for a good long play session. The boy is already rock hard, his dick damp with precum while Master Kane gets him into position on the metal rack, balls hanging and arse out. In […]

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Socks Tickling Interrogation

Special Agent Richard Lennox has tied shifty character Elis Ataxxx in bondage to interrogate him about the Middle East matter. Elis is bound in his socks and underwear, and he has no intention of talking. But Agent Lennox works outside the Geneva Convention and he’s not afraid to tickle some answers out of the lying twink. Tickling his sock feet, […]

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Using Fit Boy Jay

Jay has been enjoying his feast of cock in part one, but the fun is just starting for this tanned blindfolded boy. Tied up against the beam the young captive is soon naked, his gorgeous hooded cock ready to be played with. Master Kane and blond assistant Mitch get to work with the painful clothespins, pinching the boy’s naked form, […]

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