Twink Foot Domination

Elis Ataxxx props his feet up and tells you his sneakers are worn out and slowly removes them, tossing them casually across the room. He decides maybe his shoes weren’t producing the foul odor – it must have been his socks, which he hasn’t changed in three days. He pulls them off. MMM! Crunchy! Then, he realizes it was his […]

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Bondage Boner Predicament

Elis Ataxxx captures Leo Blue, strips him naked, and ties him to a rack. He tells the quivering twink he’s slipped him a discontinued ED supplement. It works the same as the others, giving him an erection. But if he cums, he’ll go into cardiac arrest. “What do you want from me?” Leo pleads. Elis starts stroking his uncut dick, […]

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Socks Tickling Interrogation

Special Agent Richard Lennox has tied shifty character Elis Ataxxx in bondage to interrogate him about the Middle East matter. Elis is bound in his socks and underwear, and he has no intention of talking. But Agent Lennox works outside the Geneva Convention and he’s not afraid to tickle some answers out of the lying twink. Tickling his sock feet, […]

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