Shoe Boy

Master R. and Pup Jaxx are in matching black latex sweatsuits and high top shoes. Pup Jaxx’s face is hooded behind a mask made of cut up athletic socks. They meet in an empty industrial space where Master R. has a full evening of activities planned for his submissive. To start things off, Master R. instructs Pup Jaxx to lovingly […]

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GEAR2022: CAM 2

This final installment of the series is proof that Gear is for the Queers! In here, baseball caps are kinky, sneakers are sexy, and jockstraps aren’t just for sports. It’s a good thing leather cleans so easily because it’s a wet and wild mess in the studio.   SEE MORE at the PRIVATE PLAYGROUND  

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Crushed V

As the finale of our five-part, four-man fuck-o-rama unfolds, Axel, aFFon and Yoshi are stacked with asses out, still ready for action on a tall iron rack. Just below, Lang lies down and looks up to admire the meaty butts, his tongue wagging in anticipation. A river of sticky lube leaks out of the three asses above onto Lang’s muscular […]

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Crushed II

In the second episode of our epic gangfuck foursome, Lang and aFFon lounge seductively naked, sprawled across the empty bar counter. Axel and Yoshi are fired up for another round of sex and fisting group action. They move in to kiss and fondle the masked fetish fuckers, master and pup, till they’re raring for their holes to get filled. Axel […]

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GEAR2022 – PART 3

You can practically smell the leather, the sweat, and the lube just from pressing play on this video. Welcome to our fetish fashion event of the year! Part 3 heats up with fistfuls of fun as the final part of GEAR2022 quickly approaches. See even more like this on PRIVATE PLAYGROUND XXX      

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The title kinda says it all, this guy took 36 hours to shoot his goo, I had to come back the next day to get his cum shot, God knows I tried everything I could think off including jerking off in his mouth the 1st day and then jerking off in his hole the next day, finger banging him, talking […]

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