Crushed II

In the second episode of our epic gangfuck foursome, Lang and aFFon lounge seductively naked, sprawled across the empty bar counter. Axel and Yoshi are fired up for another round of sex and fisting group action. They move in to kiss and fondle the masked fetish fuckers, master and pup, till they’re raring for their holes to get filled. Axel jacks his own dick while Yoshi slurps down Lang’s swelling member.

Lubing up their fists, Yoshi and Axel slide in a few fingers at a time to open up those fuckholes. By the time Yoshi’s got eight fingers in Lang, they’re all ready for some no-holes-barred punches. Yoshi’s fuckhungry and dives his face down into Lang’s throbbing crack, coming up for air covered in stringy lube.

The action heats up as Axel swallows aFFons uncut tool. Lang and aFFon’s pussies bloom into ruddy rosebuds as Axel and Yoshi finish their deep anal plumbing.